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GeoSnapShot is an online photography marketplace that matches talented, local amateur photographers with event organisers – free of charge.

We support local sporting clubs and the largest international events to assist event organisers to bring hassle-free, low-cost photography to participants.

GeoSnapShot is a win for everyone. Event organisers get some free event photos, photographers get gigs and participants get great photos from their favourite events.

hassle free photography

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We understand that clubs and event organisers have enough to do without additional hassles or costs of sourcing and managing photographers.

Simply request GeoSnapShot photographers, or, invite your own photographers using our online booking. Photographers then book on and take great photos.

You then promote a single photo link to the participants... easy!

To enable participants to find their photos easily we have bib recognition, time search and even face recognition.

Clubs and events want their participants to remember and share their great experiences, and we all know a photo says a thousand words!

Now, it’s easier than ever to source quality photos from your event.

Check out our photo gallery for examples of recent events.


It’s free to register your event!

GeoSnapShot only charge 30% for any photos sold so we only make money when photographers make money.


✔ No subscription fees          ✔ No hosting costs            ✔ No monthly fee

Set your own photo prices, and build up your promotional material with 10 FREE photos to showcase your event.  


The Games have 8,000 participants competing in 49 sports across 60+ venues over an 8 day period. Historically sourcing, coordinating and providing photos across our Games have been impossible. However, through GeoSnapShot we were able to provide a professional and thorough platform that enhanced the experience for our participants and extended their memories from the Games.

Over 36,000 photos were taken during the Games, a feat that was impossible in the past.   In an age where content is king GeoSnapShot has given the Australian Masters Games an opportunity to exceed expectations of its participants and provide a quality service.”

Nic Mercer
General Manager, 2015 Australian Master Games


We use GeoSnapShot at our monthly trail races - their photographers are professional and a pleasure to deal with before and during the event. GeoSnapShot is a great way to have photographers at our events, taking some great shots of all our participants, without the huge costs associated with event photography. Our participants have the option to purchase the images at a competitive price. Their website is easy and simple to use to select the images you'd like to purchase - everything you need in an event photographer!  

Laura Impey, Event Administrator

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GeoSnapShot is an active member of the Sydney Sports Incubator and we are excited to support their photography innovation. We have introduced GeoSnapShot to a number of sports and business organisations who have used their platform and received very positive feedback. 

If you are a sports association or club looking to add value to your membership through quality photographs during competition and seeking new and innovative ways to raise funds then we strongly recommend you consider GeoSnapShot. 

Steve Roknic, 
General Manager, Sydney Sports Incubator



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