What you do

  1. Find an event to attend, we can help you get your first event (or get setup with any event you have in mind)

  2. Contact the event organiser
    (you can use our pre-written template or send us an event lead for us to contact the event organiser on your behalf)

  3.  Attend the event & take photos!

  4. Upload your photos & set a price

What they do

  1. Event organisers promote your photos

  2.  Customers download & pay 

  3. Money hits your bank account :)

(It's free to join)



love taking photos?
make money from your passion

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make more money from your photography?
Whether you're a professional photographer, semi-professional or amateur:

✔ Find ongoing opportunities to take photos you get paid for
✔ Upload photos that customers purchase
✔ Run a business operation that doesn’t suck up all your time
✔ Turn your passion into a consistent source of income

(Its free to join)

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Learn to earn


Help us, help you

✔    We provide support to help you grow & sell

✔    We’ll show you how to find local events

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Amateur sport events are a great way to start selling your photos. Many local sporting events happen every weekend and many of these events have no organised photography coverage.  


Event organisers love photographers attending their events.

How much does it cost?


It’s free to join.  We charge 30% for any photos sold so we only make money when you make money.

✔ No subscription fees          ✔ No hosting costs            ✔ No monthly fee

(It's free)

Over 3,500 photographers worldwide and growing



I had lost my way with my Photography.
I was getting 1 to 5 sales a month, and was doing the same photo's all the time.
I joined GeoSnapShot and started to do other events. After talking to Andy and his team I had found my passion for photography again and haven't looked back.

Rodney Morris, Queensland


The platform is professional, easy to use and free - making it a one stop shop for event organisers and photographers alike. Being part of a platform which is developing and taking shape with our involvement and ideas is exciting. 

Tracie Hanson, Adelaide

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I have developed at all levels in different areas ultimately setting up my own small business in conjunction with arranging events through GeoSnapShot. 

Simply put, photography gets me out and about meeting people at various events and developing myself socially and professionally, something I didn't think I could do.

Colin Graham, Adelaide