Become an affiliate with GeoSnapshot

Affiliate partnerships are designed to reward individuals with large photography networks. We enable you to earn a % of revenue from the photographers within your network by providing for them an opportunity to monetise their photography. 

The process is pretty simple:

  • You promote your affiliate link to your network 
  • Photographers click on the link and register for GeoSnapShot
  • Photographers who register through your link appear in your affiliate tab
  • Photographers then start selling photos (we can explain how this can work for your network and give you the info you need)
  • Photographers earn 70% on any photos they sell
  • We split our revenue with you and pay you 10% of any photos sold through your referred photographers straight into your bank account.

here's how it works


First, we will create a unique affiliate URL for you. 
It can have any name you like see two examples below or 

You can send this URL to photographers for them to join through your affiliate. When they start to sell via our platform you will get 10% of revenue from any photos they sell.


This is just a high level overview but I'm sure you may have more questions so for more information and to be set up please enter your details below and i'll be in contact.

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