Become an affiliate with GeoSnapshot

A unique photography solution for all sports clubs!

GeoSnapShot is a unique photography platform specifically designed to bring a no-cost, hassle-free solution to sports clubs worldwide.

We believe photos are a fantastic memory from any sporting event and clubs already have willing and able photographers in their club or in the local community to provide these photo memories.

You do not need professional photographers to take photos you just need an organised passionate group of local photographers who understand your sport. GeoSnapShot has been designed specifically to enable any club to easily manage photographers at any size of sporting event.

Clubs can choose the price that photos are sold for and can even use GeoSnapShot to “Fundraise through photography”.

Multiple photographers can easily upload all their photos to GeoSnapShot where participants can easily find photos of themselves for viewing and purchase.

We support over 1,000 sporting events every year in Australia from the very smallest pony club to the largest sporting events nationally.


How does GeoSnapShot benefit sports events?

1. Your club photographers, or photographers requested you through GeoSnapShot, receive free online training and briefings on how to take the best shots.

2. The photographers capture the event and upload their photos to GeoSnapShot.

3. Participants easily search, view and purchase photos online from any mobile device or computer. Purchased photos are downloaded instantly.

4. Funds raised from photo sales are split:
70% to the photographer/club and 30% to the GeoSnapShot.

There are no upfront costs for the event organiser or photographer.

How much are the photos?

The price is fully flexible and determined by you. We recommend an initial default price of $8.95 per photo, but leave the decision to you.

Want to raise money for your club from photo sales?

Book your event on our calendar, set the price of the photos from your event and ask your volunteer photographers to take photos at the event.

Your club will receive 70% of any photos they sell. Any portion of this money can be donated back to your photographers.

Want photographers to attend but don’t have volunteers?

We have over 1,600 photographers registered onto the GeoSnapShot platform across Australia. Our photographers love getting out and taking photos at the weekend, it’s their hobby!

If you have an event where you want photographers to attend for free simply add your event to our calendar where it will be seen by our national database of photographers.

Photographers will book onto the event and they are entitled to keep the income from their sales, but your participants still benefit from the exposure and coverage of the event.

here's how it works


First, we will create a unique affiliate URL for you. 
It can have any name you like see two examples below or 

You can send this URL to photographers for them to join through your affiliate. When they start to sell via our platform you will get 10% of revenue from any photos they sell.


For more information contact us